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Atlas Travel Journal

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Atlas Travel Journal

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The Atlas Travel Journal includes three interchangeable journal inserts so that you never need to buy another journal, just add the next chapter of your story and all inserts sized to perfectly hold a standard postcard and one complete set of the Atlas Project.



The Atlas Project includes:

  • One Random International Coin- TRAVEL THE WORLD

    • Travel to the country of the coin, Take a Picture there with your Atlas Travel Journal, Tag Us (@TributeProducts) on Instagram. And, First Round’s on Us!

      • We will Venmo you for that first round of drinks or ice cream in that country! (Age-dependent! Of Course.)

  • One Atlas- HOLD THE WORLD

    • 10 ml plastic container to hold the world by picking little pieces of the world from each part of the world to which you travel.

    • The Message: to write one handwritten note to be put into yours or your traveler's Atlas, which will stay with them for all of their travels.

  • One World Travel Map- CARRY YOUR STORY

    • Color in your adventures and invite your friends and family leaves their mark as well by signing, drawing, and writing on your map.

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