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Atlas Project

The Atlas Project is a new, innovative and authentic way that we've invented for one to collect and document their travels. The Atlas Project either comes in our Atlas Travel Journal or Atlas Kit, and it comes with three primary features: 

I. An International Coin:

Travels to that country, post a picture with your Atlas Travel Journal or Atlas Kit on Instagram and tags us @TributeProducts, then we will buy you or your traveler the first round of drinks or ice cream in that country via Venmo!             


II. A World Travel Map

(Carry Your Story: 24 x 16 in. polyester fabric world travel Map)

Rather than having a map that stays at home collecting pins and scratches, have a map that travels with you as you mark the places you go as you go all the while inviting friends, family, and fellow travelers to leave their mark as well by signing or writing short messages on your map to capture the whole story and not just a list of places (Go Yearbook all of it!).       


III. An Atlas

(Hold the World: A small clear plastic container)

Rather than picking up your souvenir at an airport gift shop, go on an adventure, have an experience, make a memory, and when you are in the heart of it, that is when you pick up a little piece of the world (i.e., pebbles, grains of sand, seashells, etc.) from that part of the world to add to your Atlas container as another page to your travel Story.