Atlas – Tribute Products


Atlas is our new, authentic and innovative way for people to both collect and document their travels and includes three primary features:


With every Atlas Project, you will find one international coin, this is our fun little promise for you or the traveler you bought one that if you travel to that country of the coin or anywhere on your next adventure, post a picture with your Atlas Travel Journal or Atlas Kit on Instagram and tags us @TributeProducts, then we will buy you that first round of drinks or ice cream in that country via Venmo!


Warning: DO NOT LEAVE AT HOME. Unlike a map that stays at home collecting pins and scratches, this world map is designed to travel with you so that not only can you color in the places you go as you go, you can also collect stamps from around the world like a passport as well as invite friends, family, and fellow travelers to leave their mark by signing or writing short messages on your map like a yearbook.

Capture your whole story and not just a list of places!


Atlas is the Greek Titan who holds the world, we believe that you can too!

This small plastic container is meant to hold small tiny pieces of the world (i.e., pebbles, grains of sand, seashells, etc.) that you collect from the world as you travel! 

So rather than going to an Airport Gift Shop for your souvenir, we rather you use your travel budget to go to that beach, mountain, restaurant, sport game, HAVE AN EXPERIENCE, make memory, and when you are in the heart of that moment, pick up small piece of the world as your souvenir from that part of the world to ADD as a page to your story! Ultimately, you can be Atlas- The Greek Titan- and hold the world in your own right!