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Our Turn to Invest in your Dreams!

As with every Atlas Project sold, we very much hope that “First Round on Us” anywhere in the world is only just the beginning of our partnership! We’ve started this adventure like any true adventure with next to nothing and being fueled by little more that hopes and dreams, and with each Atlas Project bought, you’ve have invested in and supported those dreams and now it’s time for us to do the same. It is our pleasure to officially announce the launch of Atlas Travels where we take our marketing budget and directly invest it into you by chipping in for that tank of gas or bus/train/plane ticket so that you too can chase your own dreams of travel and seeing the world. Why do this? Because, thankfully and hopefully, as we continue to grow we will be in greater need of content to further share the Atlas Project. So rather than giving our marketing budget to some fancy, corporate “Mad Men”-like advertising companies, we’d rather give it to you in exchange for short 10-15 second video clips (think Instagram Stories) of your adventure. We will then compile those video clips and edit them together to make our own videos to share. We fundamentally understand that although we’ve invented and sell the Atlas Project, the true power and inspiration behind it is how each of YOU have taken that Atlas Project and made it your own by documenting and collecting your own one-of-kind story, and it is your story we would like to share with the world! So, you’re one keen to say, “Challenge Accepted.” Then, welcome to Atlas Travels!