The Atlas Project is simply a new, innovative way to allow the many stories from your travels find a home in one place. The complete set of the Atlas Project includes a small three-pocketed travel kit that contains an Atlas Bottle (a 10 ml small glass vial) and a Travel Map/Flag ( a 16"x24" flag imprinted with our world map). These two items are your Atlases. As you can see from the picture, the Atlas Project isn’t some kind of App or something that only exists up in the “Cloud”. It is something that is real that you hold in your own two hands waiting to be filled with your stories. 




The flag may be an easy guess as to why it is one of your Atlases as it is an Atlas. But again, this is “your” Atlas, one that will never be like another because it will be a running record of your travels.  As you trek from one end of the world to the other, you can color in the places you've been and have friends, new or old, and family add to your story by writing and drawing anywhere on the flag. This flag is meant to be much more than just a running-record of the places you have traveled. It is meant to capture those treasured moments. We want to provide you with a blank canvas for your stories to be etched onto from with inside jokes with friends to warm messages from old friends. And, when you aren't on the road, display your flag at home to act as a daily reminder of the Good Times you had with Good People in Cool Places and the untold stories of your next adventure still to be discovered and told. The beauty and the curse of traveling is that it is fleeting but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those moments you have had or shared on the road need to be lost. Let your Travel flag carry your stories and be your road map of placed where you've as well as hints to where you will be next.  



According to Greek mythology, Atlas is the God who holds the world on his shoulders, which is exactly what your Atlas bottle is designed to do as well. As you travel the world, whether you are flying half-way around the world to a foreign country or traveling to next town over for a soccer match, you can then pick up a small piece of the earth, whether that be a grain sand or dirt, a blade of grass or even just a small pebble, and put it into your bottle.

Imagine this, you and your friends have been dreaming of the day that you all travel to the golden beaches of Hawaii. Then, one day, you see that cheap flight, share it with your friends and you all say, "F*** it, let't go!" And, two weeks later, you made it. There you are with a cold beer in your hand with your best friends watching the sun set over the pacific. This is the moment we recommend you take your Atlas Bottle out of your kit, scoop up a few grains of sand to save that beach, that sunset, that moment forever in your bottle. These are the stories of your life. The Atlas Bottle is just a way to carry it as each pebble or grain of sand you collect is yet another page to your story. 

And, as it is your story, we do believe that your first page should be where it all began- home. So, we suggest the first pebble you collect be from your own backyard or hometown. That way no matter how far you travel, home will always be there with you.

Finally, as you continue to travel the world and add more pages to your story, you are slowly beginning to hold more and more of the world in your hand. And, ultimately, if you manage to travel every country and continent and collect a small piece from each, you have reached a height previously reserved only for the God Atlas as you too are now holding the whole world in your hand. 

So, yes! We know that our Atlas Bottle is nothing more than just a 10 ml glass vial, but like a book with empty pages, it is up to you to decide what story it will hold.



As I hope you understand from the description above, the Atlas Project is not designed to be some short-term project but one that will last a lifetime. That is why our Atlas cases are designed for the long-run with nothing but the best material that can weather any storm and last the test of time. So, if you believe this project interests you or a traveler in your life, please feel free to place an order, and we will be more than happy to send a complete set. That way you or your traveler can also embark on this life-long journey that just may result in you holding the whole world in your hand one day and allow the many stories from your travels find a home in one place as one story, your story, as your Atlas Project. 

The Atlas Project- Carry Your Story 

Thank you!

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