Why Tribute Products?

It has been a long road to get here, but here we are. To understand our products, I think it is necessary for you to understand the reasons why we named our company, Tribute Products. Besides being my first car- Mazda Tribute ES-V6- that put us on this road all those years ago,


Tribute is our way of acknowledging that our ideas and projects didn't just materialize out of thin air but were the culmination of adventures that have spanned the world; friends and family who have inspired and fueled so many of our products; teachers, professors, and coaches who taught me that failure is the best university one can attend, and finally, of course, my students whose idealism and boundless imagination reminded me that dreams were meant to be forever chased and never surrendered(5a and 6a forever the best!). So, here we are chasing our dreams. That is why I knew it was only right to have our products from the Atlas Kit to the Ultimate Slam be recognized for what they truly are, a “Tribute” to all of them. So, welcome to Tribute Products!