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When I was about eleven years old and in the prime of my little league career, and my mom managed to steal a little sand from the mound of Yankee Stadium and put it into my bat bag. I swear, that whole summer, I thought I was a New York Yankee, and it awoke me to the fact of how something so simple so little and otherwise insignificant as sand or dirt could become so meaningful and even powerful when given a story. 

As with any blank page, add the words “We the people…” to the top and leave your mark at the bottom, and that blank page holds the power to give birth to a new nation.  

Or with an empty vial, fill it with small pieces of the world from around the world and that story grants you the power previously reserved only for Atlas, the Greek Titan.  


That is the power of a story.  It has the power to turn you into a New York Yankee, a Founding Father/Mother, a Greek titan, but that power can only be achieved if your story is told.  

So, be a traveler, a trailblazer, a wanderer but above all else be a storyteller, one that empowers others with your tales to also raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, and aim for the horizon in search of their own untold stories, their own untold power.

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