The Altas Project's Mission

Five Ways The Atlas Project Helps Any Traveler.

  1. To Help with The Inevitable Goodbye

  2. Being Part of Loved One Travels

  3. Not Giving Up on The Dream to See the World

  4. An antidote to Home Sickness

  5. Putting All of your Many Stories in One Place


  1. Whether one is coming or going, a traveler will always be saying goodbye to someone, to someplace, or, as time goes on, to some stage in his or her life. The Atlas Project provides the opportunity to record and carry all of those goodbyes with them, whether it be a written message on the Atlas Flag from a distant friend or a grain of sand from home in the Atlas Bottle. Goodbyes are never easy, but they aren't the end. To a traveler, all these people, places and good times can forever live on in their story, and be remembered with a smile every time whether they are holding their Atlas Bottle, looking at their Atlas Flag, and simply carrying their Atlas Kit.

  2. It can be easy to feel left behind as the traveler in your life sets off yet again on another adventure, but that doesn't mean you can't be a part of their adventures. When one gives the Atlas Kit to someone as a gift, they are making a direct investment in that person's dreams of traveling. And, as they travel with their Atlas Kit, you will be right there with them supporting them each step of the way. Anyone can dream but sometimes it takes an investor to make a person truly believe in it. That is why we offer a small sliver of paper for any investor to write a note on for the traveler in their life that can be securely kept in the Atlas Bottle. And, when your traveler does make it to those far-off places that once only existed in their dreams and goes to save a bit of it in their Atlas Bottle, there you are with your message being right there with them.

  3. One unfortunate reality to traveling is that for many there comes a day when their motivation and inspiration to go on that next adventure begins to fade. It is difficult to stay motivated and inspired over the years as scheduled departures dates eventually succumb to being some-day or one-day promises that never find their way on to a calendar. The Atlas Project helps with this by providing such a grand and just-possible goal that to complete will take most a lifetime. The goal is to ultimately color in every country on their Atlas Map and collect a small piece of Earth from all those places so that they are in effect holding the whole world just like the Greek God, Atlas, himself. In addition, the Atlas Flag is designed to be hung in one's home when they are between their travels, so that they are reminded daily of the Good Times they had with Good People in Cool Places and the adventures still to come.

  4. Traveling can be an isolating experience for even the most veteran travelers. Inevitably, home will feel impossibly far away. By having the first grains of sand or dirt in your Atlas Bottle come from your own backyard, no matter how far one travels, a little piece home will always be there with them.

  5. St. Augustine once famously wrote, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." However, for those who do travel, it would be tough to find a single book to hold all of their stories. The Atlas Project provides them the opportunity to do just that, to hold all of their stories in one place as one story as their story. The Atlas Project- Carry Your Story.

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