The Atlas Project: Budapest

Part III: Your Little Piece of Budapest...

            After a few more drinks and a story or two, you stumble out of Szimpla with your crew, find your way over to the 4-6 tram, give a quicker prayer no one onboard is checking tickets, and head for the Margit híd- one of the main bridges connecting Buda (the West side of the City) to Pest (the East side of the city). As the tram comes to a stop in the middle of the bridge, you hop off to see the Fisherman Bastion looming over the Buda side, the Parliament Building lighting up the Pest side; you turn to see water from Margitsziget’s fountain shooting 30 to 40 feet into the air all while dancing to the lyrics of George Ezra’s Budapest.

At that moment, in the heart of Budapest, surrounded by your new friends, you say to yourself, ‘this is my Budapest moment.’ The moment you want to hold onto, the moment that defines your Budapest experience.

7585937392_IMG_5150 3.JPG
Victoria Atlas.jpg

So, you look at the ground, pick up a little pebble and put it into your Atlas where you see the first little pebble you put in your Atlas from your yard back home, and your Mom’s handwritten note rolled up the reason why you can live a life of adventure and travel. You drop that little pebble, that little piece of Budapest, into your Atlas on top of all the other places you’ve been in the world, all of your other defining moments from your travels. And, you say to yourself once more, ‘This is my Budapest moment, this is my Budapest!’