Part II: The People We Meet...


Before you head off to the Szimpla Kert to get that first round of Pálinka- a traditional Hungarian Brandy- on us, you might want to drop your bags off at your hostel. There, you experience one of the true joys to traveling: meeting awesome people from all over the world, so naturally, you tell them about your free round of drinks and invite them along.

There, you order that first round- on us-, sit down with your new hostel mates, and begin sharing stories about where you come from, where you’ve been and of course why you are all here in Budapest.  Before you know it, those hostel-mates who were just strangers a few short hours ago are now your latest friends. That’s when you can take out your World Travel Map out of your kit, color in Hungary as you’ve finally made it.

Curious, your new friends glance at your flag and take note of all the countries you’ve colored it, but what truly captures their attention are all of the signatures, personal messages, and hand-drawn pictures that are just swimming throughout the oceans on your map. That’s when you invite them to leave their mark as well on your story, so they sign their names, write jokingly about how love, at first sight, may not be real but friends at first sight sure is.

Finally, they will be sure to put a date next to their names because they just know that one day far into the future, they will look at your map again and marvel how long ago it was when you all first met and reminisce in all of the adventures you’ve been on since together, all because you shared that one hostel room together in Budapest and decided to go and grab that one round of drinks. 

Part III: Your Little Piece of Budapest... coming soon!

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