As many of you may have been wondering, how exactly do our Atlas Kits work? To help with this, we would love to introduce to you our three-part mini-series telling a story of a trip to Budapest, which explains how each feature in the Atlas Kit works and how all the features together make up the Atlas Project.

It’s beautiful here. They said that of course, that Budapest is beautiful. But it is in fact almost ludicrously beautiful.

— -Anthony Bourdain


Part I: First Round's on Us, Egészségére!

In each of our Atlas Kits, you will find one random international coin. What this coin means is quite simple. Travel to that country, send us a picture, and the first round is on us. In other words, somewhere in the world, there is a ‘glass of beer’ or a ‘cup of ice cream’ waiting for you. That is our promise. 

Say, the coin in your Atlas Kit was a 5-forint coin from Hungary, and tomorrow, you say to hell with it. You've been itching for an adventure and a free beer out there was just the incentive you needed to finally say yes. So, you hop on the first flight to Budapest.  Six hours later, your plane touches down in Budapest; you get off the plane, grab a taxi to Batthyány tér, and you find yourself on the banks of the Danube River directly across from the Parliament building. You take out your phone, your Atlas Kit, and your 5-forints and take a picture. You send that picture to us, and we Venmo you money for that first round.  Now, we get a cool picture to put on our site to inspire others to travel as well as get to buy you a beer. So in our books, that is a win-win. Though to us, traveling isn't just about the places we go but the people we meet.   

Part II: The People We Meet.... coming soon!

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