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Rather Than…

The Atlas Project

Rather than having a map on your wall, you should have a map that travels with you. One that doesn’t just mark the where’s but the who’s, the what’s, the when’s, the how’s, and the why’s as your friends and family leave their mark with their messages, signatures, drawings, etc.



And, rather than, having your map mark the places you’ve been with pins or scratched off foil, have the world itself tell your story by picking up small pieces of the world from around the world.


Finally, rather than, going to that gift shop for your souvenir, use that money to hike that mountain just outside of the cities, go to that beach and dive into that ocean, eat at that world-renown restaurant, dance at that concert, have that experience, that moment, and when it happens, take it all in, look to the ground and pick up that piece of the world as a souvenir and hold onto that memory forever.









Rather than just being, live.

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