Tribute Products

A Toast to Giants...

We call ourselves Tribute Products to pay Tribute the people who made all of this possible: our parents, family, friends, teachers, coaches and everyone who has ever supported us in our lives. 

We pay tribute to them by recognizing that we have the opportunity to live the life we do because we stand on the shoulders of giants. And, with each dream realized, each challenge overcome, each victory earned and each defeat learned, each is a page of the story that we choose to write with our lives and is in many ways a ‘Tribute’ to the giants of our lives. By choosing to live life to the full of travel, adventure, daring dreams, and challenges we write a story that is more and more worthy of them.

As the founder of this company, that is what I aspire to do with every product I’ve designed and developed, to be a Tribute to the giants in my life.

If you agree with these same values and writing a story to be worthy of the giants in your life, then we would love to welcome you aboard as an Ambassador of Tribute Products. As an Ambassador, all you are responsible for is trying to live every day to the fullest as a way to pay ‘Tribute’ to your giants and maybe just maybe becoming that giant for another one day.

Once more, Here’s to the Giants of our Lives.


If you have a story about a Giant in your life that you would like to share, feel free to tell it in the comment section below!