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Message in a Bottle

Be a part of all their travels...

We are happy to introduce our latest feature to our Atlas Kit: the message in a bottle. 

Each kit will now also contain a small slip of paper for you to write a short handwritten note that will be kept safe in your Traveler's Atlas, and just like a message in a bottle, your note will stay with them for all of their travels. Now, the Atlas Project isn't just some summer project or yearlong project.

As with traveling, it is meant to be a life pursuit. Therefore, the message you write will not just last a year or two but decades. So that ten, twenty, thirty years from now, when the traveler of your life, be it your son or daughter, niece or nephew, mom or dad, grandma or grandpa or just a good friend, walk up those steps to the top of the Great Wall of China and goes to pick up that small piece of it to put it into their Atlas, you will be right there with them with your handwritten note rolled up saying,

"...."- Well, that is for you to decide!

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