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FAQ's- Atlas

Our most common questions from selling at outdoor markets all across the country!
What do we use to color in the map?

We recommend using standard color pencils to mark your map because they offer you the greatest range of color options as well as let you color in those small little European countries and U.S. states!

Why do you recommend that we have people sign the World Travel Maps?

To us, travel is more than just a list of places. The true heart and joy of traveling are the people you meet and the stories you all share. That is why we recommend you let those people leave their mark on your maps in addition to the places you color in. We believe that, in 10, 15, or 20 years from now, it will be those signatures and messages that will be the most prized marks of your map and without fail bring a smile to your face!

What is the scroll of paper in the Atlas container?

The scroll of paper is meant to be a handwritten note by a loved one, that way no matter how far that traveler goes or for how long, that loved one will be right there with them every step of the way.

What pieces of the world do you recommend picking up?

Our general rule of thumb: pick up pieces of the world that are small enough that they would have of naturally been stuck in your shoe, that way you respect the incredible places you visit, while also making sure those pyramids remain there for the next person!

When/where should we pick up that piece of the world as our souvenir?

As for when and where, we like to recommend that rather than using your travel budget to buy a souvenir at an airport gift shop, we much rather you use it to go to that beach, that mountain, that concert, HAVE AN EXPERIENCE. And, when you are in the heart of that adventure and you have that moment where you say to yourself that this is how I want to remember this adventure with these people, this view, on these hallowed grounds. That is the moment we recommend you look down and pick up a small piece of the world as your souvenir and let that moment stay with you forever.

How can we keep track of where each small piece of the world we collected came from?

First, you can place the small piece of the world you picked up and place it on your travel map next to the country it is from. Then, you can simply take a picture to start of photo diary of all your small souvenirs from around the world next to the location they are from. For example, when you pick up a small seashell from a beach in Wakayama, Japan, place that small seashell first on your travel map next to Japan and take a picture before you place your seashell into your Atlas.

The other strategy we recommend is to color-coordinate your World Travel Map with pieces of the world you pick up. For example, if you pick up a small orange-colored pebble from the Great Wall of China, color in that spot orange on your World Travel Map.

How do you buy us that first round?

Easy! All you have to do is tag us on Instagram or send us an email with the photo of you and your Atlas Travel Journal or Atlas Kit showing us that you got to the country of your coin or where ever that next adventure yours took you. Then, after we receive that notification of your Instagram picture or in our inbox, we will then comment on your photo saying how much we love it and request that you send us a friend request on a payment service called Venmo from which we can buy you that first round of cold ones (i.e., drinks or ice cream)!

Do you buy us every first round for us for every adventure?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we wish we could, we buy only 'one' first-round per Atlas Travel Journal or Atlas Kit, but if you are interested in taking more pictures/videos for us, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to visit us at our home site, where we would love to explore how we could potentially work together with you becoming one of our official content creators and be one of our Atlas Travelers!



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