A few short weeks ago, we had our final summer market of the season in SOWA, and we couldn’t imagine ending on a higher note or with nicer people!

With the official end of the summer market season, we are now preparing for our first official Holiday Season! (i.e., basically, the Super Bowl for small businesses) It’s hard to believe how almost exactly a year ago today, I was loading UPS trucks at 3 o’clock in the morning for the Holiday Season, and now a year later those same trucks will now be delivering our Atlas Travel Journals and Kits around the world!

One Year Ago!

One Year Ago!

It has been an exciting year since we started this little adventure that we call Tribute Products. We started with prototype of our Atlas Kit that we shared with close friends and family for Christmas last year, and then we had enough support from them that we were able to reinvest all of that to earn our way into our first weekend market at the Artist & Flea in Brooklyn last February. Since then, we’ve had the most incredible privilege of meeting people from around the world at weekend markets across the Northeast. It was because of the support of these people by whom we mean you! We’ve been able to yet again reinvest (i.e., gamble) everything and expand our Atlas Project line to offer Atlas Travel Journals, which have allowed us to find a new home in small independently-owned bookstores and expand beyond just seasonal weekend markets!

We’ve only made it this far thanks to the support of people like you and everyone else who have decided that it’s totally worth traveling halfway around the world for a free round of ice cream or drinks on us!

And, it is in thanks to all of you that we have built a foundation from which we can build Tribute Products into what we’ve always envisioned: a self-sustaining business where we continue to design, develop and create products that solve old problems we’ve experienced on the road with new, simple and creative solutions, and then, using our hopefully continued success to support those making a positive difference in our world.

So, yes! The Atlas Project is only the beginning! That is why we have exciting news for all of you that we can’t wait to share with you after Thanksgiving!

Once more, thank you everyone for the support and we look forward to seeing where this road of ours takes us next!



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