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II. Square- Pranayama

Square- Pranayama
We decided to recommend the breathing exercise ‘Square’ or also commonly known as ‘Box’ as our way to be sure to pay our respect and acknowledge the prolific influence and impact that the ancient practice of Yoga from India- Pranayama- has played in raising awareness in the world to the remarkable health benefits related to controlled-conscious breathing, which has only recently has begun to be studied and validated by western researchers. ‘Square’ breathing is one of the most classic and common of yoga breathing practices. Below is an excerpt from a brief article summarizing the benefits of Square Breathing in Medical News Today by Adrienne Stinson and reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, CRNP as well as two videos: one by one of the most public faces behind the ‘Square’ breathing exercise, Navy Seal Mark Divine and the other by Anjali Mehta who explores the psychological benefits of yoga through her own personal experience as a teenage yoga instructor.
“The technique is also known as "resetting your breath" or four-square breathing. It is easy to do, quick to learn, and can be a highly effective technique for people in stressful situations.
People with high-stress jobs, such as soldiers and police officers, often use box breathing when their bodies are in fight-or-flight mode. This technique is also relevant for anyone interested in re-centering themselves or improving their concentration.”

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