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Atlas Kit (World Map)

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The Atlas Kit

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The Atlas Kit includes a triangular canvas coin pouch that has an open-designed face to allow you to customize with pins you may collect as you travel as well as having three pockets with each pocket holding a different feature of the Atlas Project.



  • One Random International Coin- TRAVEL THE WORLD

    • Travel to the country of the coin, Take a Picture there with your Atlas Kit, Tag Us (@TributeProducts) on Instagram. And, First Round’s on Us!

      • We will Venmo you for that first round of drinks or ice cream in that country! (Age-dependent! Of Course.)

  • One Atlas- HOLD THE WORLD

    • 10 ml plastic container to hold the world by picking little pieces of the world from each part of the world to which you travel.

    • The Message: to write one handwritten note to be put into yours or your traveler's Atlas, which will stay with them for all of their travels.

  • One World Travel Map- CARRY YOUR STORY

    • Color in your adventures and invite your friends and family leaves their mark as well by signing, drawing, and writing on your map.

World Map Size: 22 in. X 14 in.

Plus: Shipping & Handling